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EdTech Center Western Balkans has been established by education experts and practitioners who have united around the idea to improve the quality of education for all students from the Western Balkans in the 21st century.

We see a future where all young people have access to the highest quality of education and where they can develop skills that will help them improve the quality of their lives and communities in the 21st century. We focus our work several areas, including:

  • Development of human capacities in a knowledge-based economy through the improvement of digital skills and competencies of employees in education. We support education professionals to develop digital skills of student and to prepare them for world of tomorrow.
  • We improve the quality of the education system by smarter and better use of information and communication technologies at all levels of education. We do not believe that every technology deserves to be used by teachers and students. This is why we supports schools on how to user technology they already have and if they aim to procure new administration and teaching aids, how to that in order to increase impact and value for money.
  • We support development of accessibility, openness, efficiency and equity of education through the use of innovative technologies. Innovation and technological development have important role in creating new opportunities for learning for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Find out more about us from this strategic document.

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[minti_member img=”15621″ name=”Aleksandar Borisavljević” role=”CEO” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksandarborisavljevic/”]Aleksandar is an Edtech expert and Education, Digital Skills and Business Development professional with 15+ years of experience. He is founder of New Technologies in Education conference, and many other regional and national digital skills, EdTech and education interventions in the Western Balkans.[/minti_member][minti_member img=”15632″ name=”Dr Uglješa Marjanović” role=”Head of Higher Education” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-ugljesa-marjanovic-mba-4a506316/”]Ugljesa is a Professor at University of Novi Sad where he teaches following courses: Electronic Business, Strategic Management, Electronic Learning, Project Management and Business Strategy (MBA program). He holds doctoral degree – a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia.[/minti_member]
[minti_member img=”15624″ name=”Vladimir Dojčilović” role=”Head of Partnerships” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/vladimir-d-a6aba86/”]Vladimir is an experienced entrepreneur and manager at company Fluks Trade RV, one of the largest distributors of EdTech and science products in the Western Balkans. He is education equipment & didactic aids expert, teaching on usage of new technologies in Education.[/minti_member][minti_member img=”15954″ name=”Vladimir Koprić” role=”Head of EdTech Innovation Lab” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/vladimirkopric/”]Vladimir is an experienced entrepreneur, startup mentor and advisor to VC investors. Helping startups bridge industries and continents through value based innovation that disrupts and evolves not only expectations but industry standards. Passionate about education and social entrepreneurship.[/minti_member]
[minti_member img=”15625″ name=”Nataša Anđelković” role=”Head of Pre-school Education” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/nataša-andjelković-44475651/”]Nataša Anđelković is a pre-school teacher, blogger, and a book writer. Author of many scientific papers and presentations at international conferences. For more than 17 years, she has been contributing in the field of integration of digital technologies in preschool education.[/minti_member][minti_member img=”18630″ name=”Dragana Malidžan Vinkić” role=”Project Manager” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/jelena-dragas-45b32a137/”]Dragana Malidžan Vinkić is a Project Manager at the EdTech Center Western Balkans. She has many years of experience in the education sector, first as a teacher of Serbian language and literature, and then as an advisor for inclusive education in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. She also worked in the Team for Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction as an education coordinator in charge of providing professional support and capacity building of national and local institutions in the field of inclusive education.[/minti_member]