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[minti_headline type=”h2″ font=”font-special” size=”fontsize-l” color=”#15c1f3″ weight=”fontweight-700″ align=”align-left” margin=”0 0 0 0″]PRESENTERS AT THE DIGITAL EDUCATION 2023 CONFERENCE![/minti_headline]

The EdTech Center Western Balkans and the conference’s program partners are presenting this year’s speakers in the field of digital technology implementation in education at the international online conference “Digital Education 2023.”

For the fourth year in a row, “Digital Education” has brought together some of the best speakers in the field of ICT use at different levels of education, making this event highly attended and of high quality in order to improve the quality of education through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Visitors had the opportunity to hear presentations and speakers who will present examples of good practice in the use of ICT in:

• Preschool education

• Primary and secondary education

• Higher education

• Inclusive education