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Below you can find answers to the questions divided into a section for participants and a section for lecturers.

Frequently asked questions of the participants

Here you can find answers to the questions that participants most often asked us. If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us.

You can register for the event by filling out the online registration form. We will publish the form soon.

Participation in the conference “Digital Education 2023” is completely free.

Participation in the event will be possible for each participant even if they are late with the online application so that the details and links leading to the event will be published in a timely manner on the website of the Center for Educational Technologies WB.

Yes. The conference “Digital Education 2023” is accredited by the Institute for the Advancement of Education and in accordance with the Rulebook on Continuing Professional Development and Advancement to the Titles of Teachers, Educators and Professional Associates and carries a total of 4 points for 2 days of the program. Please keep in mind that in order to issue a certificate of participation, it is necessary to fill in the Questionnaire during the event itself.

All registered participants who fill in the online registration form will receive an email from us before the event with instructions, guidelines and the necessary links to the event.

The conference “Digital Education 2023” will be held online, on April 28 and 29, 2023.

The conference program will be held in both Serbian and English due to the international character of the event.

Yes, the entire program will be recorded and available after the event.

Frequently asked questions from lecturers

Here you can find answers to the questions that lecturers have asked us most often in previous years. If you cannot find the answer to your question about this part of the program, please contact us.

Notice of selected lecturers will be sent by e-mail to all applicants by the end of April 6, 2023. In case your lecture is accepted, you will receive an email from the Center for Educational Technologies with instructions on how to access the rehearsals, which people lead your team when the rehearsals will take place, as well as technical advice and support.

The main criteria are: 

  • relevance of the topic/alignment with the goals of the conference;
  • pedagogical aspect of the presented solution;
  • that the proposed work is an example of good practice in the ICT use in education;
  • positive effect on learning outcome;
  • long-term and sustainability of the proposed solution;
  • the ability to disseminate/ develop the idea;
  • that the solution is not of a commercial nature;
  • that the proposed topic had not been presented at previous Conferences on New Technologies in Education, nor at the Digital Education 2020-2022.

The evaluation will be done by an expert team consisting of representatives of the EdTech Center, the Institute for Improvement of Education,  the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation, and Loop Foundation.

All selected presenters will have about 20 minutes to speak, including audience questions and answers.